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Wedgwood Elementary School10

Seattle, WA | King County


March 12, 2015

Wedgwood's strong academic record speaks for itself. Sadly, the long running self contained model for academically gifted children has essentially ended which had been the draw for my two boys. It would still be a top choice for us for the wonderful community, teachers and staff, involved parents. The playground is fantastic. Most are top notch and my kids thoroughly enjoyed their nine years there.

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February 6, 2015

What a bummer. The lore of the greatness of this school must be a result of years long past, teachers and administration long gone. No warm welcome for kindergartners here. No kidding that K is the new 1st grade. Right into high academic strive and gone with the whole child development. The Core Curriculum is not even developmentally appropriate for children this age which seems well known but no one seems to feel inclined to change it. The administration is continually minimizing to the point of condescension about concerns. We've just had it. Pulling enrollment. Really pay attention before sending your kids here. I honestly don't recommend it at all.

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November 25, 2014

We are now in our 2nd year at Wedgwood (child is a 1st grader) and we couldn't be happier. We initially picked the neighborhood to get zoned to the school, and our 1st grader is thriving after a solid foundation in kindergarten (all the K teachers are wonderful). Our child loves going to school, and is excelling in math and reading. The fabulous new principal and asst principal strike the right kind of balance between test scores and nurturing a well rounded child. This is evident in the weekly art, music, and PE programs available to the kids. The PTA is also very active and contributes much to the success of the school, and parent involvement is what you make it. Do you want to be BFF's with every single parent or roll up your sleeves and get the work done? I have managed to balance being a full-time working mom, chaperone a field trip or 2, and take part in the PTA. Sometimes it helps to be involved to really understand the ins and outs of a school, and Wedgwood is really top notch. On a separate note, the onsite before/afterschool Kidstime program is also a great feature. Homemade snacks, homework club & lots of outside play time (crucial in the grey Seattle weather).

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January 15, 2014

Wedgwood is a wonderful school. Both our girls are excited to go to school every morning. The teachers are nurturing, yet have high expectations of them not only in academics, but also in character development. One cannot pay to get this sort of an experience these days. The Principal and Vice-Principal are dedicated, committed and care about the children's well being and safety. Every morning you will find one or both greeting parents and students and I am amazed that they remember the children's names. We set high standards for both our girls to make sure they are respectful of teachers, the Principal and their peers. These values are followed through at school and there is consistency at home and school. Both my husband and I are from two different countries/cultures and we've not attended public school here in the U.S. Needless to say I always have lots of questions for the office staff about deadlines and paperwork and as such. They've always been very courteous and helpful. Thank you Mr. Cronas for your great leadership and all the teachers and staff at Wedgwood for your commitment and dedication. We are very thankful and happy to be part of the Wedgwood community.

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January 14, 2014

My son has attended this school since kindergarten (he is in 5th grade now). From what we have experienced throughout these 6 years, it gives me impression a Wedgwood is "reserved" for the most privileged people (children). The principal has a very arrogant personality; likes to know all about the family's business, but keeps himself so distanced from you, which makes him unwelcome and non-approachable. The school seems to cater best to the students with "perfect" behaviors and families with perfect background; so even though they "advertise" themselves as welcoming and multicultural, our family did not have anything close to such experience. So, if your child(red) are "remote-controlled" by all means, put them in this school. Otherwise, they will be sent to see Mr. C. for every move of their hand. Ridiculous. Can hardly wait for my child to get out of there. I was ready to file a lawsuit at one point. That much...

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September 13, 2013

Although my kids no longer attend wedgwood I am going to write this post. I am very surprised that there isn't any posts mentioning the way some parents and students have been treated either by the PTA or the office staff. My children transferred to this school 5 years ago from another district in the state. After talking on the phone with the staff I had one opinion. The office staff had been very warm and informative. Once they were enrolled and I had interacted with the staff on a few occasions I was very surprised on what a bother they made me feel. I know people can have bad days but this was 2 years of this happening. Its a wonderful school academically and like others have said there is A LOT of parent involvement. I had tried to get into my groove with the school volunteering where I could but never felt welcomed by the other members of the P.T.A. (Very Cliquey) The principal is wonderful and most of the teachers are great! Its just difficult for me to understand how after 4 years of dealing with me you could still ignore me when I would say "Hi!" to the office staff.

August 21, 2013

Our child just completed Kindergarten (with Mrs. Hoisington) and we couldn't be happier with how much she has grown in the past year. She has excelled at reading and I really love that the children are "pushed" to learn. It is true what they say how children's minds are like sponges and the more you teach them the more they absorb. Unlike the other parent who recently made a K review, I really appreciate that the children have three recess breaks to play outside. Our daughter has talked frequently about the "Duties" who are supervising the playground so I have never been worried about her safety. The playground gate is locked at the back of the school during school hours as well. The principal stands out front and greets the children and parents each morning. He seems very accessible but I have never had the need to speak with him about any issues. I would like to see Music, Art, and P.E. offered year round instead of semester based.

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April 24, 2013

We have two children at Wedgwood. The academics are great, the parent-teacher community is warm and welcoming. We are new to WA state and prior to our move both our children attended private schools and I can say hands down the education experience at Wedgwood is as good or even better than the private school they attended. Both children have been blessed with amazing teachers who are committed and caring. The Principal is very accessible and addresses issues/concerns promptly. We are very happy here.

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March 27, 2013

Wedgwood does not feel like a safe loving place to send your kindergartener. The focus is all about test scores and over achieving. There is little supervision on the playground (three recesses a day!) and no one-on-one time. The teachers do try, but they are stuck teaching overcrowded classes (24/26, maybe even 28 kindergarteners in a class with no aides!). Parents come in and help out, but they are not teachers or aides by any means. There is no money for arts and no science. Last year there was a kindergartener that 'escaped' out of her class and walked all the way home. The best part - the parent called Wedgwood to say she was home and they didn't even know she was missing!

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February 19, 2013

The teaching and parent community at Wedgwood is outstanding. The principal accessible and approachable and knows each child by name. Money raised by PTSA and through other events is put to very good use and the children are not short-changed in any area of their education.

January 4, 2012

My child was in private school - but I could no longer justify the expense, especially when I realized how substandard the mathematics education was in the private school. I am very impressed with the high standard of teaching in this school. The teachers we have had so far are truly amazing and inspiring. I have found the children at Wedgwood to be smart, well-mannered and kind. They have good after-school programs for the children.

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March 30, 2011

This was our first year at Wedgwood and we are very happy with our experience. The Principal is very accessible, he offers coffee chats with parents, is very visible in the school to both the kids and parents, and I am almost certain (in his first year) he has memorized all of the students names! Both our kids' teachers are fantastic! There are teachers out there who simply "go through the motions," who don't get to know their students and aren't creative in their approaches to teaching. I am happy to say none of them work at Wedgwood! Both my kids love the PE, art, and music teachers and come home excited to tell me of their lessons in those classes. The Librarian is also wonderful, and truly loves inspiring young readers. The building isn't the newest or the nicest in the district, but you couldn't pay me to send my kids somewhere else.

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December 5, 2007

Wedgwood is an amazing school in a dumpy building. Although we live in the Bryant reference area, we sent our kindergartener to Wedgwood. We were extremely impressed by the principal, Veronica Gallardo. For instance, she had worked out in advance a plan for whatever math program SDS decided to adopt. The test scores and academic program at Wedgwood are also excellent. Our daughter's teacher in kindergarten is fantastic. (Class size is a concern). The children write and/or draw in a journal every morning. The teacher also emphasized 'environmental print.' I wasn't so sure about it, but it worked--our child is now reading fluently. And the teacher has dealt with potential discipline issues beautifully. She stresses positive discipline. The children believe that everyone in the class is their friend.

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June 1, 2006

There is a lot of support at this school for art, music & P.E. (every other day). Parents are very involved in fundraising, after school activities and volunteering in the classroom. The school has 3 Spectrum (gifted) classrooms. There are a lot of high achieving students, so the staff is able to give a lot of attention to those who need extra support.

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